Dank u, Tim Shriver

Tim Shriver’s inspiring message following today’s Brussels terror attacks.

On behalf of the entire Special Olympics family, we want to send you and all of the athletes, coaches,volunteers,staff and friends of Special Olympics Belgium our condolences for the    impact of the today’s tragic events on your fellow citizens. As we see news accounts of the toll taken on individuals and their families, we can only begin to imagine the difficulties being faced by those affected. We speak often of the challenges faced by our athletes,and we know that in times of crisis, it is usually those who are underserved even in good times that are hit especially hard.

We also speak often of our athletes’ strength and positivity in their battles for acceptance and respect. I hope that you can take some of the inspiration they provide to all of us and use it in the days, weeks and months ahead for healing. Please feel free to reach out me or to any of us here at Special Olympics International if there is anything we can do to assist in this process .

You are in the thoughts and prayers of the entire Special Olympics family.